Florida's Best Source of
Mature Everglades-Native
Paurotis Palms


These beautiful and ornate trees
 make a perfect central garden feature.

At night, when lit from below, they are exceptionally attractive and brilliant.

A matched pair are particularly impressive
 as a symbolic gate or entrance way.



Florida's largest collection of mature Paurotis Palms. Our trees are grown
in clumps ranging from a few to a
dozen or more trunks and are
generally twenty five feet in height.

Avenues of  Paurotis Palms create
naturally private screens and
are virtually impervious to hurricanes.


This is an extremely hardy tree
and according to the fossil record,
has survived unchanged in Florida
for millions of years.

It prefers wet soil but is also
tolerant of drier conditions.
It likes full sun or some shade
and accepts a variety  of
soil types.

Paurotis Palms are to be
treasured and will provide
joy for centuries to come!




Idlewild Tree Farm
12280 Indian Mound Rd.
Wellington Fl. 33467
561 - 793 1970